Facility Maintenance

Companies don’t have time to negotiate with a different contractor for every single repair, service call or maintenance check, which is why we do it for you—all in one place.

We deliver facility services regionally to medical centers, oil field facilities, retailers, financial institutions, ATM locations, restaurants and government agencies that cover hundreds of branches across Texas and New Mexico.

We are available 24 hours a day with our team of professional in-house service technicians as well as our team of proficient and highly qualified specialty contractors. This combination of resources allows Gonzales Contractors to perform a vast array of maintenance and repair services.

Since 1998, we have had the experience to execute a solution to your needs and keep your facilities running at optimal efficiently. Our goal at Gonzales Contractors is to ensure that when you have to call for maintenance or repairs, you can limit those calls to a single number.


Oil Field Motor Control
Interior/Exterior Lighting
High Voltage Maintenance
Low Voltage Maintenance
Fixture Installation/Repair
System Design & Planning
Backup System Generators
Security Systems & Data
Circuit Analysis/Energy Audit
Smoke & Fire Alarm Systems
Cable Tray Systems


Unit Repair & Replacement
Scheduled Maintenance
Duct Cleaning
Demand Service
Chiller Systems
Energy Efficiency Evaluation
System Design
Preventative Maintenance
Filter Replacements
CFM Calculation


Drain Cleaning & Backflow
Hydrojetting & Grease Traps
Sewer/Septic Systems
Fixture Installation/Repair
Video Inspection/Snake Lines
Wash Bay Installation/Repair
Gas Installation/Repair
Water Heater & Storm Drains
Booster & Sump Pumps
RO & Filtration Systems
Medical Gas Certified


Drywall & Insulation
Painting & Patching
Doors & Hardware
Acoustical & Ceilings
Carpet Repair & Cove Base
Flooring, VCT, Tile & Laminate
Carpentry & Masonry
Demo & Waste Removal
Janitorial Services
Water & Fire Restoration
Seal Coating


Crash Bollards
Concrete & Saw Cutting
Excavation & Dirt Work
Draining Systems & Gutters
Roof & Leak Repair
Welding & R Panel Repair
Window and Glazing
Overhead Doors
Paving and Parking Lots
Landscaping & Irrigation
Fencing & Security Gates


Repair & Rental
Boom & Vertical Lifts
Forklifts & Skytreks
Scissor & Man Lifts
Trenchers & Mini Excavators
Air Compressors & Rollers
Generators & Portable Heaters
Towable Light Towers
Overhead Crane & Jack Hammers
Welders & Plate Compactors
Boost & Sump Pumps
Misc Tools

Facility Compliance

ADA Compliance
Health Department Compliance
Water Conservation
OSHA Compliance
City Code Enforcement
Seasonal Clean Up
Permitting Services